Man on the Moon was the debut single from RoRo Benson’s EP. The EP was scheduled for release in Summer of 2014 and somehow the booster rockets failed to fire… which was a real shame as it was wickedly eclectic and deserved more attention… (We have since identified the fault and all future missions will be hitch free of course)

However this is not an is not an obituary more a celebration of the EP’s brief but vibrant life, perhaps it’s a bit of a history lesson but we make the future, it doesn’t make us, so come back to this part baked patch of the web, you may be in for a surprise.

In the meantime we are dropping a Remix of the out and out banger “Man on the Moon” [we remixed the video too just for fun 😉

So big nod to producer @Deleriouspro and of course the enigmatic singer songwriter Rose “Roro” Benson [Yes that is George’s niece for those who’ve lived that long!]

If you ask us nicely we might put the EP up for your listening pleasure soon now wouldn’t that be worth coming back for…

RoRo Benson - Man 0n the Moon