XFactor vet Ra’Quel is a 26 year old vocalists from South London.

Wet Lightning is her debut single from the EP Soul Marmalade.

Ra’Quel warbled her way to the Judges houses on the XFactor a few years ago and after a spot of Animation at Westminster University has since been honing her incredible voice.

“The XFactor was a brilliant experience but I think it arrived just a little early for me, I was still building my confidence”

Ra’Quel was spotted by Blank Rocket covering Lauryn Hill’s “Killing Me Softly” on You Tube a few years back and has been developing her craft since.

“I believed in my voice but I think I needed a place to grow and Blank Rocket gave me that”

Wet Lightning is the first single from the eclectic debut EP “Soul Marmalade” which is scheduled for release on 25th September.

“I want be free to make music that I like today, I may like that sound less tomorrow but music is like the Ocean for me the waves keep coming and I that’s one benefit of today’s track driven marketplace, I’m free to try things out.”

Ra’Quel is an individual and has no time for the trappings of the music scene. She believes in her voice and would prefer to be judged on that.

“The first song I ever sang was a Dianna Ross track from “The Land Before Time” soundtrack, I’m an Anime fanatic and a gamer, I’m a distance from your typical soul vocalist” if there is such a thing.

“I can’t be anyone other than myself, I’ve never really been your false lashes, weave on and heels type of girl, I wear the armour for battle but deep down it’s more leave it than take it…”

Wet Lightning - Remixes

Debut Video