Connor Silver

Connor Silver is a 22 year old rock-indie-soul singer from London.

At 14 Connor was already singing, filling in time whilst being excluded from school. Connor was so passionate about music he used to break back into the school Music classroom just for the music lesson and occasionally teachers would allow him to stay. Eventually they gave in and him a key so he could practice. Despite his troubled school life Connor reached Grade 8 on the piano.

Connor has only been playing guitar for 4 years. He started developing his voice and song writing skills on joining the music development label Blank Rocket just 18 months ago.

Connor first opportunity in the business came when he was scouted on You Tube by Perpetuity Music a forward thinking publishing house credited with signing Steflon Don, Amun, Gigs before anyone else noticed them.

Connor was lucky enough to perform at the Royal Albert Hall and from another perspective The Basildon Festival on the Metallica stage.

When asked about who is heroes are Connors first was that ‘most of them were dead’ and included Elvis and Kurt Kobain, Michael Jackson and Eminem in that list. “strange mix I know” he laughed.

Connor is not a fan of social media preferring to spend that time actually making music and agrees that his online presence is pitiful “I’m getting a bit better” he says…

Connor lacked a support system when he was young being excluded from school meant he had time on his hands and was always in trouble of some sort. Connor admits to developing a drug habit that he has now kicked saying “it started with depression, which I am still battling, but it was killing my music and music is a stronger drug”

When asked his hopes for the future Connor replied “make great music and leave something in stone”. Which says it all.